Freight Savings Plan

Our signature Freight Savings Plan is a valuable member benefit.

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Our plans are tailored to meet the needs of your association and your members. We work with you to develop a solution that offers premier services from leading carriers. Siriani offers programs with carriers such as YRC Freight and Estes Express Lines.

Inbound Freight Program

Every company has at least an occasional need to ship, but most every company receives shipments. An often-overlooked area of savings is a company's inbound freight. Reducing inbound freight costs is a terrific way to help increase profit margin. Siriani can show you that when a company routes and controls their inbound freight, significant savings can be found.

When a company lets the supplier route their shipments, the supplier picks their preferred carrier and adds the shipping charges to the order invoice. This is convenient for the supplier but may not be the most cost effective option for the buyer. Generally, the shipping charges the supplier adds to the buyer's invoice, are significantly higher than if the buyer routed and paid for the shipment directly.

Remember - The one who pays the freight
charges� gets the discount.

Siriani recommends that you implement our Inbound Collect program. By routing your freight Inbound Collect, you are simply telling your supplier to ship the order via your carrier of choice. Your supplier still ships your order, and bills you for the product, but they no longer add shipping charges to your invoice. You will be billed directly from your Freight Savings Plan carrier. You benefit because you will be paying your much lower Freight Savings Plan rate.

We will work with you to set up a routing program that is optimal for your business needs and reduces your freight costs.

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"With the additional savings from our CBA membership we are able to give more back to our Global Outreach Ministries."

Marci Regan, Operations Manager, Mariners Church Bookstore