CBA Freight Savings Plan

For information about the CBA Freight Savings Plan, click on Retailer Member or Supplier Member according to your CBA membership type.

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Address: 3505 Cadillac Ave.,
Ste F3 Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone: 800-554-0005, 714-432-7430
Fax: 800-554-5049, 714-432-7527

Retailer Member

Independently, ministry or corporately owned retail businesses that have an inventory not less than 75% of which at any given time consists of Bibles, Christian books, Christian music, church supplies, and related Christian merchandise.
Supplier Member

Businesses that either directly or indirectly supply product(s) to at least 10 retail establishments for resale to consumers or employ marketing/sales representatives who, collectively, sell industry related product(s) to at least 10 retail establishments.