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I-10 Bridge Collapse Delays Truckers, Costs Trucking $2.5M A Day

July 23, 2015


According to the American Transportation Research Institute, the collapse of the I-10 Tex Wash bridge in California could cost the trucking industry $2.5 million a day, 75 million a month. The bridge collapsed on Sunday when the area was hit by flash flooding.

The collapsed Interstate bridge is causing delays for truck companies with loads headed east from Los Angeles.  It is an important corridor for commerce. Detours could add four to five hours of additional travel time. 

R.J. Cervantes, director of legislative affairs for the California Trucking Association, says that a shipment that would usually take a day or less may now take two days, leading to a lack of predictability in arrival.

Caltrans is working on a temporary fix to open Interstate 10 to traffic in both directions in the next few days.

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